Bike Fitting


Professional Fittings for Road & Mountain Bikes by Appointment only

All fittings include consultation over your current bike setup along with setup for long term goals. We will go over your current bike fitting setup and issues this may be causing related to fatigue,
strain, safety and bike handling control. Fittings will take a minimum of 45min and up to 2 hours. We will be charging you for a flat labor rate and any items purchased during the fittings will be exempt from additional labor rates upon installation. You will also get an additional 15% off parts during this session including any special order items needed for correction.

Professional Fitting Rates:

Pro fitting for XC-Enduro-DH riders of all sizes. Best fitting choice for anyone looking for a better position over their bike for faster, more aggressive type riding. This is also coordinated with your current bike setup, tire selection, suspension settings and body weight positioning. Labor 45$ per ? hr

Endurance Pro Fit

Professional fitting to Road bikes for Touring-Century-Long Distance
cyclists who are more concerned with comfort and fatigue fighting
positioning in a season full of long days in the saddle.
Labor 45$ per ? hr

New Cyclist Fitting

This fit process is for anyone who is new to cycling, Male or Female.
This will cover any new bike purchased in store or from anywhere else.
The idea is to offer a simple process that will familiarize you with
your bike operation, fatigue points and correct posture.

Seat Height + Pedal stroke + Knee bend = Pedal Alignment fitting is
usually a quick fix to most cyclists power positioning. You want to
maximize your pedal stroke alignment for fighting foot fatigue, hot
spot identification and appropriate knee bend. This is the best
avenue for any one who just cannot find comfort.
Labor Package is 100$ and includes :
Initial fitting 1 ? hrs and followup fitting at 45min for once flat price.