About Auburn Bike Company


Auburn Bike Company was established in Fall Season 2012. Our philosophy is to build a community for local riders, a place where cyclists come to hang out, discuss racing, grow our cycling community into a lifestyle of advocacy, heavy cycling awareness and mostly to influence folks to ride more and stay involved. We want to encourage new routes, challenge ourselves to be more capable riders and develop the skills mentally and physically for today’s modern rider. We love keeping your bike in perfect operating order mechanically and making you know the difference so we can offer you the best ride possible all season long. We also felt there needed to be a place where kids were having just as much fun as adults, so we built a fun flow trail system with wooden features next to our store for just pure fun, which also keeps the cycling and fun right in our own community.

When Curtis Christensen started his cycling career at a small shop known then as Bicycle Warehouse in Reno, NV, he had no idea where his future in cycling would take him. Curtis has worked at other local retailers in all fields of experience with Bicycles Plus, City Bicycle Works and Bicycle Emporium. Bicycle Warehouse was the local Pro Shop where some of the biggest names in Mountain and Road cycling came to have their bikes worked on and assembled. They were the hub for the UNR cycling team and Reno Wheelman. Most stores today are the opposite of this type of model being based around a heavily marketed box brand store outlet based on high pressure sales. This is not the vibe and retail/service environment we wanted to be a part of. Curtis’s focus was generate a hangout for all riders, of all levels of experience and give them a place to ride from, ride to, and finish it with a kind IPA.

Drop by and check us out, we love meeting new people and sharing our love for bikes.

Owners Curtis & Gina Christensen