New Ibis Mojo HD4

The New Ibis Mojo HD4 – Available Now!

The Ibis Mojo HD4, with its longer and slacker geometry, gives a confidence boost on the fastest & roughest trails. The longer top tube provides more room to move on the bike and adds stability. Ibis noticed that riders were buying bikes a size larger than anticipated, indicating that they should try to grow the reach of the Mojo HD4 by at least that much. Compared to the Mojo HD3, size by size the HD4 has increased reach by one whole frame size plus a little more. This longer reach combined with the slacker head angle greatly increases the wheelbase and gives a very stable ride for the roughest terrain.

One of the design goals of the HD4 was to enhance the bike’s handling capabilities over rough and steep terrain. The Mojo HD and Mojo 3 have had a lot of overlap and geometry similarities, with the newIbis Mojo HD4 separated the two bikes and grew the HD4’s capabilities. Ibis sampled different angles and lengths for over a year to determine the right feel for the HD4. They test rode the HD4 extensively in Santa Cruz, Downieville, Northstar, and in the high Sierras to get a feel for different terrains and traction conditions and the particular needs of each.

Instead of choosing a geometry by committee or based on other companies’ bikes, Ibis chose the geometry based on what worked best when we rode the steepest and gnarliest trails they could find. Through testing, Ibis was able to see what each geometry dimension actually did to help the rider. For example, by trying a number of head angles back to back to back, with all other geometry dimensions held constant, Ibis was able to pinpoint some desirable characteristics. The obvious one is that with proper trail measurement, the bike’s ability to steamroll through rough terrain is greatly enhanced. Less intuitive, but borne out by testing is that reducing the head angle will allow the bike to achieve higher lean angles before slipping out. This change also makes the bike more stable as the trail transitions to off-camber, meaning it’s less likely to slip out or get pushed down by the trail. The head angle on the Ibis Mojo HD4 is at 64.9 degrees to maximize the stability in off-camber sections, increase maximum lean angle and allow the bike to carry great speed through the chunder.

What’s new in the HD4?

  • Refined progressive geometry
  • 64.9 degree head tube angle
  • Reach increases across the size range (4mm on small, to 34mm on XL)
  • Seat tube length reduction and bore depth increase, allowing for the longest droppers
  • 30% stiffer upper link, 40% stiffer lower link
  • Increased progression in shock leverage curve for better big hit performance
  • Re-engineered carbon layup yielding greater frame stiffness overall
  • dw-link v5 kinematics, Dave’s most efficient system to date
  • Available in Fireball Red, or Anejo Silver & Lime

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