Two guys rolled by the shop at 3:30 and asked about the bmx track in the back. About 10 minutes later, they were seen running off down Lincoln Way with a Devinci Troy Carbon. Black and Red. Large. It’s probably the only one in Northern California right now. Below is a stock photo.


It’s the RR build, with Polished Cromag silver bar and a Lev Dropper. Full X01 build kit.

Two white guys, one in a white tee with a black baseball cap.

They jumped into a Mid 90′s Ford F-250 Single Cab, Long bed, White Paint on black rims with a bmx bike in the back and sped off according to witnesses. Expired tags with a green lack of registration tag in the window.

Blow this up to EVERY media outlet you know. Share on facebook, twitter, instagram, MTBR, etc.

Please contact us immediately with any information at 530-887-8888 or contact Placer County Sheriff (916) 652-2400

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Auburn Bike Company Helps Get Sea Otter Classic Podiums!

Auburn Bike Company would like to congratulate a few riders we’ve been helping out and training with!


Emily Harris had not only one, but TWO podiums this past weekend! Taking 1st in 18-and-under Dual Slalom and 1st 14-and-under Downhill. With it being just her first time racing gravity events, ever, this is a great showcase of what’s to come.

We should add that she did this all on one of our DEMO bikes from Devinci Cycles. How rad is that?! Devinci did it pretty big this year at Sea Otter, with one of the best booths of the show, rocking out with a huge pro road team, and they even had a plane in the sky flying the banner!


Nathan Barton put up a great showing in the Cat 2 Men’s 15-18, with a strong 2nd place podium finish. This is just another podium in the long line of NorCal Highschool racing victories that he’s been stacking up.


Nathan Barton also picked up a sponsorship by Lauf carbon front suspension. A relatively new suspension company from Iceland, they saw him on the podium and knew they had to get to him early! With no rigid bikes allowed in the NICA HS league, this drops more than a pound off the front of his Specialized StumpJumper Carbon, while still giving him 60mm of small bump compliance.


We also heard that Grady McLeod snagged 2nd place for men’s Cat 2 xc, so congrats to our friend Grady as well!

Auburn / Folsom / Sacramento area riders all had great race results, proving we’re one of the best regions in the Western United States for both road and mountain biking.

Congrats to all who raced and did well at the Sea Otter Classic.

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April 16, 2014 · 9:15 am

Bike Deal of the Week: Santa Cruz Nomad

This week we’re doing a special on this 2010 Santa Cruz Nomad.


Size: Medium

With no need to upgrade anything, this bike is ready to shred any trail you throw at it. From all day pedal sessions to shuttle days, to Downieville / Northstar / Ashland days, this bike is DIALED!


We start up front with a super stiff and uber adjustable Fox 36 RC2 Fit fork with a 20mm thru axle. The RC2 damper is the top dog when it comes to the Fox lineup: adjustable beginning stroke rebound adjustment, and separate adjustable high and low speed compression. The Gen2 frameset from Santa Cruz Bicycles also has the rare 1.5″ head tube, which keeps everything stiff when the rough trails start coming at you fast. Naturally, the front is paired with a phenomenal rear DHX 5.0 coil shock to keep you planted.


Moving through the full 3×9 SRAM X0 / Shimano XT Drivetrain, this bike is also sporting powerful stoppers: Formula The One brakes w/ 180/7in rotors front and rear, which can slow down even the biggest of riders without fade.


The wheelset is a handbuilt equivalent of a stock Stan’s Flow wheelset, but just a little better. With DT Swiss 340 hubs hand-laced to DT Swiss 5.1d hoops, you’ve got great engagement, minimal freehub drag, and day in and day out reliability.

Finished off with a sweet Gravity Dropper adjustable seatpost solid all mountain / enduro style tires and this bike is just…ready for anything!


View the listing on eBay for a full breakdown on the custom build here:

Mention you saw this and we’ll take $50 off the price!

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April 9, 2014 · 11:43 am

Bike Deal of the Week: Felt F2 Shimano Dura Ace Build 15lbs!

This week we’re doing a special on this Felt F2 Ultra High-Mod Carbon Road Bike.


Size: 54cm

Weight: 15lb 13oz. That’s right, this bike is 15lbs!

No need to upgrade a thing, this bike is race-ready with full 10-speed Shimano Dura-Ace Drivetrain and a full high-mod carbon frameset. Felt carbon handlebars keep your wrists comfortable and the weight down, while the Mavic R-SYS SL SSC superlight and durable wheels keep you spinning higher gears up the tough hills. These are not merely an upgraded version of the old Mavic Ksyrium wheelsets of the last decade, these new Mavic Wheels utilize carbon fiber spokes to keep you rolling with a plush, yet stiff ride.


Top of the line Continental GP4000S tires with the glorious Conti Black Chili Compound and 120tpi, let you push the corners and actually make for quite a nice ride quality.

This bike comes equipped with a Shimano Dura Ace 53/39 crankset (172.5 length) and a 12-27 cassette for perfect cadence in any gear, with the ability to climb even the toughest hills.

A new bike at 15lbs is almost unheard of, especially at this price tag. Walk into your local Specialized or Cannondale dealer and pay $5,000-$10,000 dollars for a new Shimano Dura-Ace bike, or come down to Auburn Bike Company and check it out. Take it for a spin, and fall in love with the combination of stiffness and ride quality that a top of the line carbon fiber bike has, while feeling what a 15lb road bike can do for your Strava times!


View the listing on eBay for a full breakdown on the custom build here:

Mention you saw this and we’ll take $50 off the price!

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March 26, 2014 · 9:43 am

Upcoming Local Trail Work: SBTS, FATRAC & American River Conservancy Sat March 29th

Assuming the good weather is here to stay, we’d like to inform you about the upcoming trail work days in our region.

Both events take place on Saturday, March 29th, weather permitting.

The first we’d like to tell you about is our favorite Culvert Trail in the ASRA  While we’re still waiting to hear on final approval from the State Parks, the plan is to have YOU show up and help folks from a combination of local cyclists, to Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship and FATRAC members. The Culvert Trail has seen an increase in users since the weather turned straight from spring to almost summer-like, and the plan is to dial in some berm help, as well as getting some trail tread worked in. Tentatively planned for 9AM, you can RSVP for the trail work via the Sierra Buttes website:
The other opportunity to help with local trail work that we’d like to inform you about is located at the South Fork American River Trail, between Cool, CA and El Dorado Hills, called the Salmon Falls area. The American
River Conservancy ( with help from the BLM, are going to be clearing brush and doing regular trail maintenance from 9AM to 1PM. For those interested in carpooling, folks will be meeting at the Skunk Hallow State Park. Kristin Powell at is taking RSVP and registration emails at this time.

Today is the time to give back. You know how great it feels to ride trails that you help maintain? It feels amazing, knowing you helped dial in that turn, or cut back those branches. Not only are you giving back to nature, and rewarding yourself with a little bit of exercise, but you’re also able to ride to these trail work days. Just remember to bring comfortable shoes! On top of all that, you get to meet other friendly community faces, from hikers to equestrians, to other cyclists, all working together to maintain local trails.

Hope to see you all out there!

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Bike Deal of the Week: Litespeed Siena Titanium Road Bike

Flawless and superlight, this Litespeed Siena came in recently and is a great example of how far your money can go in the used market.

A new Sram Rival equipped Titanium road bike will set you back over $5-6,000, if not a lot more.


This bike comes with:

-56cm Full Titanium frame – Handmade in the USA!
-Sran Rival Carbon Group (2×10 with compact gearing)
-Easton EC90 SLX Full Carbon Fiber fork is among the lightest around
-Shimano RS10 wheelset
-Titanium seatpost keeps the weight down and the comfort high.


This bike tips the scales at just 17lbs, and can be yours for less than a third the price of new. Additionally, only minor changes can get this bike down to 15lbs!

Come down to Auburn Bike Company and check it out, take it for a spin, and fall in love with the combination of titanium and carbon fiber.

View the listing on eBay for a full breakdown on the custom build here:  or just drop by ABC and we’ll work out a deal to get you on this thing!

Mention you saw this and we’ll take $50 dollars off the price!

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March 14, 2014 · 2:00 am

WTB Launches New 27.5 and 29er MTB Tires and One Rad Gravel Grinder

Our friends at WTB just brought by some sweet new tires in 27.5″ and 29″ varieties. 26″ missed the train…is this a sign of what is coming? Either way, they packed on some sweet new tires and here is the lowdown on how they operate.

Lets get it started:

Nine Line 2.25 (29″ only)

nine lineThis tire is exciting. The Nine Line 2.0 is a great 29er tire in it’s own right, but it’s small, extremely xc, and leans more towards race-specific rear applications. The 2.25 adds some much need volume for everyday riding, while still maintaining an impressive 632g weight for the TCS-light version. It reminds us a lot of the Maxxis Ikon, but offers up more consistent cornering feel, while maintaining much better sidewall protection with TCS. While we wouldn’t personally run an Ikon up front (although a lot of locals do) we wouldn’t hesitate to run the Nine Line 2.25 up front for xc applications. WTB added more lines of tread with the larger version of this tire, and the results are impressive. Rolling resistance stays at race levels, while wet weather performance, cornering, and braking, all seem substantially improved. The benefits of the additional volume really showcase what this tire can do on almost any bike; trails bikes or xc bikes will see more Strava Gold in your future with the Nine Line 2.25 on your rig.

Nano 40c (700c / 29″)

nano 40cAnother tire we’ve pretty much been waiting for. The emergence of gravel-grinder rides and grasshopper-style rides/races highlighted a real demand for a smaller nano. The tread just works, but rocking a 29×2.1 won’t fit most CX applications, and is just a little too big for 29er-converts. The nano 40c accels must the same way the 29×2.1 did, it’s just FAST. It makes the user wanna get out and explore broken pavement and take the road less traveled, with more cush than a normal cx tire or large volume 28-32c road tire. I’m betting this makes racing a Grasshopper a lot more fun, while still maintaining a solid pace in roadie pacelines. As a bit larger than most big CX tires, the 40c nano targets the gravel grinder audience with an eye to those who love it’s larger volume brother. Bottom line, you can’t go wrong if it fits in your frame (and if it doesn’t, there is always the WTB CROSS BOSS 35c).

Trail Boss (27.5″ and 29″ only)

trail boss

WTB has packed the marketing rocketship with this one. You’ve probably already seen the banners on the likes of MTBR, FACEBOOK, or other social media outlets, and for good reason. While we haven’t ridden this, the tread pattern looks promising. WTB has been missing that big-tread-block-do-it-all-tire-that-doesn’t-weigh-a-ton market, that local auburn xc/trail riders know so well. Pedal around a 1000g+ tire for 6 hours, and you’ll see what I mean. While the WTB Vigilante and Breakout can handle punishing Downieville runs and provide that extra rubber threshold for going big and shredding, it’s not something I’d want to pedal around all day if I’m lugging around Mr. Beer Gut (and chasing my much faster friends).

The Trail Boss holds all the cards to be a game changer. Think Purgatory/NobbyNic/TrailKing/Nevegal mixed into one, but it actually seats tubeless, and won’t leave you with a sidewall tear from a jaunt down Stagecoach. Tall knobs (that are blocked-out well) mean this tire has versatility and fantastic rolling resistance. From wet and muddy to loose and even hardpacked, this tire should be your day-in, day-out, shredder. The stepped sideknobs also mean you won’t just hook on the sideknobs and dig in and eat dirt. You’ll dig in and RAIL. WTB is offering this tire in new TCS-light and a TCS-tough Enduro casing.

Breakout (27.5″ only)

breakoutThink Big. Gnarly rocks. Steep, rough terrain. Think French Alps inspired Enduro runs. Think of a tire that keeps you pinned from the top of the run to the bottom. This is the WTB Breakout. Hitting the scales at over 1,100g, this tire is meant to be used and abused more than your first car. Pinned, elbows-out, big-grinned. This tire is for being the fastest down and having the most fun, no matter the trail conditions. From auburn peanut butter, to the loam-over-hardpack of the hot summer, this tire will take it and beg you for one more run.

WTB’s full lineup is available for review here:

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